Ukiah Natural Foods Give Back to Schools Week

Shop at Ukiah Natural Foods this week and ask for your donation to go to Tree of Life. The store will be donating a percentage of all sales during this week to schools.

International Day of Peace Labyrinth Project

This year we'll be celebrating International Day of Peace over a 2-day period so we can include everyone. On this first day, we'll be resurrecting our walking labyrinth. Volunteers and students will prepare the area by weeding, soil removal, cleaning up the yard space in that area, and if we finish...setting down the stones. We need some largish size stones about 6-9 inch diameter to make this labyrinth. Smaller stones are OK...we just will need more of them. We'll be working on this project throughout the day, so come and help whenever you can.

Autumnal Equinox/Day of Peace Celebration

Today we conclude our Peace Day activities as the Earth enters Autumnal Equinox and light and dark are balanced. We will finish the labyrinth, plant some flowers, and sing in a giant peace symbol at the end of the day at 2:45. We welcome you to join us.

Scholastic Book Fair

Come and see all the books on display after school each day this week and purchase a few for your child. Invite friends and family too. If you can't make it or relatives from afar would like to purchase,  visit the online store at and select Tree of Life Charter School. Online purchases will be delivered to the school. The online selection contains a broader list of titles.

The school also needs volunteers to help with set up, clean up, and cashiering, please.

Taste of the World

The school presents an international celebration of food, art, and culture at the Alex Thomas Plaza in Ukiah from 10 AM to 2 PM. Admission is free; donations to cover costs are welcomed. Food vendors and entertainers should contact the school at 707-462-0913.