For the Garden Action Day we need folks to come out ready to get their
hands in the dirt. We will be installing a new garden feature that
involves an aquatic garden that demonstrates the symbiotic nature of fish
and water plants in a mini ecosystem. The fishpond will be surrounded by
half oak barrel planters that will help insulate the water and reduce
evaporation. We will be primarily setting up this feature, weeding and
adding compost to the existing garden beds, and priming and painting 4x8
sheets of plywood as mural panels for the East wall. At a later date the
barrels will be planted with dwarf apple trees and medicinal herbs with
the children. The medicinal herbs will be the ones featured in Herb
Fairies, a method for teaching the uses of medicinal plants to children
involving stories, recipes, and journal entries. Also the whole thing –
oak barrels, plants, fish, fishpond, mural panels, etc is designed to be
able to move with the school to its new site.

Thanks for your support. If you have any questions please call or email Annapurna 
at – 707-616-6868