Our annual Winter Party and Talent Show will be held at the Fine Arts building on the Fairground, starting with a potluck dinner and time to socialize from 5:30 to 6:15.  After 6:15, the eating area will be closed, and we'll sit down and watch the performances. Talent show performers may be students and/or members of their family, and auditions will be held earlier in December to coach and advise for the best performances possible. Afterwards, each class will give a performance, staff will give a performance, and the ending will be a grand finale by the whole school. Help with setting up and cleaning up afterwards would be GREATLY appreciated by staff.

Suggested potluck categories by first initial of child's last name:

A-K Main dish

L-R Sides and salads

S-Z Desserts

Please be eco-conscious and bring reusable bowls, cups, and eating utensils from home.