At Tree of Life Charter School, we believe that each part of our community—students, their families, staff, the community-at-large—should be active participants in the education and development of the children who attend the school as well as their own education and development. We believe that lifelong learning is important to each individual's personal development and to that of human civilization as a whole. As one way of facilitating this, we invite and expect active participation in school support activities as well as school social activities. Studies have shown that students with involved parents/guardians tend to experience more success and satisfaction at school.


Parent Council

Tree of Life Charter School Parent Council is the body of all parents/guardians, significant others, and extended family members of Tree of Life students. This body elects representatives to the school's Charter Board Cabinet in order to have a voice and vote in school decision-making, helps plan school social events, and organizes and runs the school's volunteer service groups: fundraising committee, cleaning committee, social events committee, gardening committee, and maintenance committee. Each family is expected to contribute at least 30 hours per year of volunteer work and meeting attendance to help the school. In addition to the committees, other ways to help include helping classes with field trip driving/chaperoning, special projects, reading support, and preparing learning materials. Parent Council meets at least five times per year, discussing school business and issues, and participating in parenting education activities. Parental involvement is not a requirement for acceptance or continued enrollment at the school.

The parents/guardians have a closed group Facebook Page at “Tree of Life School Parent Page” for current school families only.