At Tree of Life, parents/guardians are students too! After all, learning is a life-long activity, and we want to demonstrate this to our children. Parents are the child's first teachers, and we know that parents who take the time to educate themselves about child development and parenting techniques are often more effective at parenting and teaching their children.

One of Tree of Life Charter School's goals is to provide opportunities for parenting education and support. To accomplish this, the school holds Parent Council Meetings monthly that include parenting education. There are written materials and/or audio and video recordings available for those who are unable to attend. We have a Parent Resource Library in the office with many good books and recordings that may be checked out. Our monthly newsletter also includes information about child development, Montessori education, and parenting.

We encourage school families to thoroughly read their Family Handbook, and to look at our general policies and procedures and our health and safety policies, to become more familiar with what is expected on their part.

Check out the recommended site links on this page to find out more about Montessori education and the family's role in supporting their child.

Links to resources for school families:

Montessori Compass is our recordkeeping system with information accessible about your child's progress, as well as general information about the Montessori curriculum and educational method. Please contact the school office if you have misplaced your username and password.