Tree of Life Charter School is a small school community and depends on volunteers, fundraisers, and donations to facilitate running the highest quality program possible. Here is a list of current opportunities for volunteer help:

Root and Shoots Donations: Request and collect donations from businesses for sponsorships and auction items for our Roots and Shoots fundraising event. Our next event will be held at Barra Event Center on Saturday, April 6th. Forms and checklists are available in the office.

Funding Factory Recycling Program Packer: Pack and mail off the printer cartridges and small electronics we recycle in order to receive money or school equipment through Funding Factory. Contact Celeste in the office for more information.

Bottles/Cans Recycler: Take our recyclable bottles and cans to the recycling center monthly to get a rebate check for the school. Contact Celeste in the office for more information.

Lunch Fundraiser Help: Help your child's class with their lunch fundraisers to raise money for field trips by donating food or coming to class to help supervise children cooking. Contact your child's Guide for more information.

Garden: We always need volunteers to hand weed the garden boxes placed around the perimeter of the yard. We can always use help with pruning, mowing, and weed trimming the yard. Teachers love having garden “experts” work with children to tend their garden boxes.

Weeding at Play Structure: Keep the Bermuda grass out of our wood chips! Please help come and pull out the Bermuda grass that is so good at creeping in to the wood chips under the play structure. You can do this when you drop off or pick up your child for a few minutes each day. If everyone did a little bit, we could keep the cushioning material weed-free.

Reading Helpers: Help children become more fluent readers by listening to them read to you. Check with your child's Guide to schedule a time.