Our Vision

Like parents everywhere, we care about our children, want what’s best for them, and know that their experience in school can have a great impact on the quality of their life. We want them to have an education that is worthy of their beauty and potential. We want them in a place where they are known, not as part of a pack or faces in a crowd, but individually and personally. We want them in a school where they receive direct, high-quality attention, where their actual needs are met, where their potential is being realized. We want them in a classroom where they are engaged, interested, and happy – a place where they have a say about what they learn and how they learn it, where their education means something to them and to us, and where they have a vote and voice in class decisions. We want them in an environment where they are respected and where they are expected to respect each other, and held accountable for it. We believe these simple but far-reaching desires can be the basis of an education that helps them grow into creative, truthful, compassionate adults who contribute meaningfully to the society that made their education possible.

The school we have created to meet our goals is based in part on proven principles that have born fruit in situations as different as the slums of Rome and the suburbs of Silicon Valley. It is also based on an element we think is relatively new – a desire to co-develop with our children, to become better, more effective, more fully human people by learning with and from them, both inside and outside their formal school setting. Our mission is to work and learn with our children, with our school staff, with each other, and with the community to develop confident, creative, fruitful citizens of a world made better by their having the opportunity for full development.